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Introduction of the Dolomite
Dolomite is divided into ferrodolomite and kutnohorite. Dolomite is Carbonate of Calcium and Magnesium “Ca Mg (CO3)2”. We are recognized as one of the prominent Dolomite Powder Manufacturers and Suppliers in China. The Dolomite Powder is extensively used in Iron & Steel Industries due to its strength and compatibility in process of purifying Iron & Steel.

The salient features of our natural dolomite:
· Higher degree of purity, wet ability and whiteness.
· Our natural dolomite is popular for its shear and compressive strength.
· Fire resistive and solid.
· Long lasting life and stiffness is the strength of our mineral dolomite.
High Specific Gravity and High Bulk Density mineral with Less Reactive

Specifications of the dolomite

Whiteness content (%)


CaO content (%)


Mgo content(%)


Fe2O3 content (%)


SiO2 content (%)


Classification of Dolomite

1. Raw and calcined dolomite

2. Dolomite sand size: 6-10 mesh, 10-20mesh, 20-40mesh, 40-80mesh,80-120mesh

3. Dolomite powder size: 100mesh, 200mesh, 325mesh, 400mesh, 600mesh, 800mesh

Package of the dolomite

By 1 ton jumbo bag or as per customers’ requirements.