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Flake Graphite

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Oreworld Trade (Tangshan) Co., Ltd.
Oreworld Trade (Tangshan) Co., Ltd. is a legally registered company by national Bureau of Foreign Trade and the Administration of Customs. We have a strong marketing network and comprehensive technique, equipment and staffing.

We focus on natural graphite especially natural flake graphite’s mining, production, processing and marketing. Products are including medium-carbon graphite, high-carbon graphite, high pure graphite, , expandable graphite etc. The products are application for steel, refractory, metallurgy, automotive friction materials, petroleum, paint and other fields.

Types of graphite

Graphite generally occurs in one of three forms:

Microcrystalline or amorphous; 

Crystalline lump or vein;

Crystalline flake

Introduction of the flake graphite

Flake-graphite is probably the most familiar of the natural graphite materials. Most people are familiar with the finely powdered graphite used as a lock lubricant, or the “lead” in pencils. Both of these products typically contain flake graphite. As the name implies flake graphite has a distinctly flaky or platy morphology. All graphite has a flaky morphology on some level, but in most instances flake-graphite has this structure regardless of particle size.

The Importance of Flake Size of the graphite:

Determination of flake size will indicate the size at which the graphite may become liberated from the host rock. This is important as it will minimise the amount of crushing and grinding required prior to mineral separation. Flakes in the size range 250µm-1mm will command the highest prices, with fine graphite flakes (down to 125µm) also in some demand. An excess of graphitic fines will reduce the flake size and therefore the value of the final product. Also fine graphite will coat other minerals, which may then act as graphite during froth flotation and be recovered with the graphite concentrate. This thereby reduces the grade of the product. Mica will often occur interlayered with graphite, and may be difficult to remove during preparation. Fine material (such as clay and lateritic soil) may also coat the graphite. These minerals will complicate graphite processing.

Main specifications of flake graphite from Oreworld

· Flake graphite Fixed carbon content: 75-99.9%

· Flake graphite Main size:32mesh, 50mesh,80 mesh, 100 mesh, -100mesh, -200mesh,-325mesh 500mesh, 600mesh,1000mesh

Graphite Main specs: 

1. +32mesh: +3295, +3296,  

2. +50mesh:  +590,+595,+596, 

3. +80mesh: +890, +895, +894, +899,

4. +100mesh: +190, +195,+194, +196,+199, 

5. -100mesh: -190, -194, -195, -196, -199,

6. -200mesh:  -280, -285, -290, -295, -299, 

7. -325mesh: -380,-385 ,-390,-395 -399

8. Micronized graphite 400mesh-3000mesh, carbon 80-99.5% 

Usage of flake graphite

Refractory materials,lubricant materials ,graphite crucible materials,carbon brush,lithium-ion battery materials,pencil lead materials, cast coating materials.. Crystalline flake graphite is widely used as an essential nonmetallic mineral in almost all industries. It can be used as high

quality refractory material or coatings in metallurgical industry, black pencil