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Mica tape

Product Details:

Product Description of Mica tape
Mica tape is also known as fire resistant mica tape. It is a kind of refractory insulating material. According to the structure the mica tape can be divided into double side tape and single side tape etc. And the mica tape also can be divided into Synthetic mica tape, white mica tape and phlogopite mica tape.

Mica tape is widely used to withstand or resist fire cable, which adopt high-quality Phlogopite mica papers, fiber-glass clothes or PE films as their reinforcing materials, and also with organic silicon resin as its adhesive, then are baked with high temperature, and then are compressed. They can withstand temperature up to 1000 °C for 3 hrs.

Specification of Phlogopite Mica Tape

Item Unit             Phlogopite Mica Tape
0.10mm 0.11mm 0.12mm 0.13mm 0.14mm
Appearance - No alien material, No split, Scar & hole, No broken & folded
Width mm 4.5-1000
Length m 500,1000,2000
Thickness mm 0.10±0.015 0.11±0.015 0.12±0.015 0.13±0.015 0.14±0.015
Weight of Tape g/m² 135±10 155±10 170±15 195±15 205±20
Mica Content % >65 >70 >75 >75 >75
Binder Content % 10±3 10±3 10±3 10±3 10±3
Breakdown Voltage KV >5.0 >5.0 >5.0 >5.0 >5.0
Tensile Strength N/15mm ≥130 ≥130 ≥130 ≥130 ≥130
Fire Grades °C 750°C--950°C

Application of Mica Tape
Power and control cables 
Instrumentation and signaling cables

Package of Mica Tape

One pack is usually at 50kg, sealed with plastic film and packed in carton. The fumigation-free pallet shall be used when exporting. Each pallet contains <1000KG, or protected by metal drum.